Digital Art/Photography

Ever since I was young, I have had a passion for the creative process. That visual interest is what has defined my career and what continues to motivate me in my daily life. I love to piece things together that are visually appealing and that tell a story. I look to create things that are meaningful to me as well as to others who surround me in my life. Whether it is documenting a moment in time as in a photograph, laying out a graphic composition, or creating a visual montage, the thought is to be impactful in some way. Many times, the art that I do is motivated by the purpose of sharing it with others. The butterfly has become a common theme in my art as it has become a symbolic image for me. It signifies many things such as hope, freedom, weightlessness, curiosity, mindfulness, and a presence of another form of being. When I see a butterfly, I see that it is beautiful, that it is delicate and curious. It will come beside me or flirt away. It is on a journey which makes me mindful of my own. Many times, I feel it is my mother letting me know that she is still around me. As my medium is more digitally based, I have used the butterfly, along with various other images of family, friends and photographs I have taken in nature to create photo montages via my computer. It has become an expressive outlet for remembering the past, documenting the present, and using the artistic tools I’ve learned in a personal way.

Meet the artist

Mary Johnson was born and raised in Southern California. She received her undergraduate degree
in Graphic Design at California State University Northridge. She had an extensive career in Graphic Design working for the Home Entertainment Industry in Los Angeles as a Creative Director for over 20 years. She went on to get her master’s degree in fine art from Boston University in order to teach college-level courses in her field. She has taught at the Arts Institute International in Minneapolis and at St Cloud State University.
Photography and Digital Art have become her medium of choice. As a founding member of MAAC,
she hopes to use her entrepreneurial spirit and love of the arts to help enrich the lives of the Melrose community.


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